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We are always looking for new and talented people to join our team. Check out our openings below and get ready to revolutionise customer loyalty with us!

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If we have no current openings that match your experience, we’d still like to hear from you for future consideration! Feel free to send your CV along with a cover letter to careers (at) dotloyalty.com and someone will get back to you.

The team at DotLoyalty

We’re a team of happy engineers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business analysts, and we’re always looking for new ways to develop ourselves and our services, ready to take on the world and make for happier customers. What drives us all is knowing that we are creating better and stronger relationships between businesses and customers, thus helping in making products and services better for the consumers in the long run.
At DotLoyalty we believe that everyone in the company should have a say in where we are going and how we are growing, which means that all ideas are always welcome. We do things together, and always look for new ways to improve and how to do things differently.